terça-feira, 28 de fevereiro de 2012

the three screens

This message circulates around the world for a long time and it is very important to learn it. Particularly believe that identifying these sieves in relation to what we say is unnecessary, we are better than the last link of telling us what to foster a discussion (if not pass through the sieve). These three screens match directly to what we say ... And not to be pointing in the other.

A man went to meet the philosopher Socrates carrying information that he thought of interest:
- Let me tell you something about your friend!
- Wait a moment - said Socrates - Before you tell me, I wonder if you did pass that information on the three screens.
- Three screens? What do you mean?
- Let's sift through what you want to tell me. We always use the three screens. If we do not know, pay close attention. The first screen is the TRUTH. Are you sure that you want to tell me is true?
- Well, what I heard others tell. I do not know exactly if it's true.
- The second screen is the KINDNESS. Surely you must have passed the information through the sieve of goodness. Or not?
Embarrassed, the man replied:
- I must confess I did not.
- The third screen is the UTILITY. You thought well if it is helpful to have you come to talk about my friend?
- Useful? Actually, no.
- So said the wise, if you want to tell me is not true, neither good nor useful, then it is better than just keep them for you.

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